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The pleasures of the table on your holiday menu

A chef from an illustrious family of restaurateurs in La Rochelle, Grégory Coutanceau welcomes lovers of good food and wine to his cookery school. To discover La Rochelle in culinary mode, welcome to the Gourmet Class.

In the Coutanceau family, which has helped raise La Rochelle to the rank of culinary destination, choose Grégory if you want to learn to cook like a chef... Opened several years ago a stone's throw from the Old Port, the Classe des Gourmets is the ideal spot for those who want to master the art of preparing dishes, both simple and complicated. And as part of the 'spice of life', learning about wine and its special characteristics is also on the menu.

Taught by Grégory Coutanceau himself, but also by chefs and sommeliers from his restaurants, the sessions take place in a very friendly atmosphere. While the 2-hour session entitled Secrets de chef (Chef's Secrets) includes both learning and tasting the dishes, other courses allow you to take the meal away with you (Le dîner est prêt) or even taste it on the spot (A la table des chefs). To perfect your gourmet profile, an oenological discovery workshop includes a tasting of food and wine pairings.

All courses and prices can be found on the Classe des Gourmets website: www.laclassedesgourmets.com


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