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Our commitment alongside other defenders of the planet

Because the preservation of our Earth must be everyone’s business, Cosy Hotels have joined forces with the associations Echo Mer and the LPO (League for the Protection of Birds) to act together in favour of sustainable development, in the heart of a city in the same approach.

Like the territory where they are located, Cosy Hotels have long been committed to sustainable development through a series of actions contributing to the protection of the environment. If the implementation of the purchasing policy of this independent Rochelle hotel group helps to limit the environmental impact (Ecolabel certified maintenance products, air conditioning control system to reduce energy consumption, selection of short circuit producers, etc.), partnerships with associations have enabled the installation of logs on the roofs of hotels and the integration of thermal insulation programs. With the presence of local products on the table of breakfasts served in the three establishments that count our hotel group and the application to practice a selective sorting of extremely rigorous waste, the employees of Cosy Hotels have the same slogan: protect our planet.

The Echo Mer association has also been taking virtuous initiatives for more than 20 years. Strong of its hundred adherents and having cast anchor facing the ocean, it defends the collective interest to preserve the depths and the blue waves of excess of man. Recycling «marine» materials to enhance the circular economy, facilitating educational workshops and activities such as the collection of waste in ports to raise awareness of the act of solidarity, all his actions carried by his founder David Baulieu and the volunteers who surround him make of Echo Mer a major actor of this cause in our maritime city. And it is therefore quite natural that our hotel group has built a bridge between it and this entity also supported by the 1% global movement for the Planet and the city of La Rochelle.

The same unwavering bond unites the Ligue de Protection des Oiseaux (LPO) with the Hôtel Saint Nicolas, the Best Western Premier Masqhotel and the B&B Hôtel La Rochelle Centre. By being part of a network of more than 2,400 members in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and more than 50,000 members in the national territory, we are helping to change mentalities and laws in favor of nature protection. Beyond the three major missions dictated by this collective movement, knowledge and conservation of biodiversity, the preservation and management of natural spaces, then environmental education and the mobilization of society, actions such as the labelling in LPO shelters of various places preserved from urbanization in Charente-Maritime allows to maintain the presence of animals synonymous with life. And already fully justifies the involvement of our Rochelle hotels in this association.

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