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The "new" Museum awaits you

Eager to discover the new look of the Natural History Museum, nine Cosy Hotels employees had the privilege of visiting one of La Rochelle's most emblematic cultural venues on 9 November. With winter just around the corner and the €2 voucher (reducing the entrance ticket price from €8 to €6) offered by our hotel when you stay with us, it's your turn to dive into this unique world of 10,000 treasures...

The oldest museum in La Rochelle, the Museum of Natural History in La Rochelle offers a fabulous journey through the sciences over 5 levels and 32 rooms, displaying nearly 10,000 objects from the naturalist and ethnographic collections assembled since the 18th century.Located just a stone's throw from our hotel, the Museum has benefited from 15 months of work to give it a facelift. The various areas accessible to the public have been given a facelift, making them more modern and interactive, with more fluid circulation and views. While the activity room has been completely reconfigured to provide a more welcoming environment, the courtyard has also been redesigned so that visitors can make the most of the garden adjoining the building, which has stood here for three centuries.

On view until next autumn, two exhibitions are sure to leave a lasting impression: Attraction, histoires de rencontres, which provides answers to questions about what drives us towards others, and Ceci n'est pas un masque, or how what we Europeans call a "mask" means something different in Black Africa... Families are invited to explore these places of identity all year round, and will be particularly spoilt for choice during the forthcoming Christmas holidays, with special events for the very young. So make the most of it with your children!

Information and bookings: www.museum.larochelle.fr

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