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Come and listen to the songs of La Sirène

People come to La Sirène to listen to music, but they often go there with friends, always for those convivial moments that make life more beautiful. La Sirène has become a must for those who want to vibrate to the rhythm of the events organised all year round by this major cultural venue in La Rochelle.


Along a boulevard that runs straight down to the ocean, a yellow and black big top has been welcoming groups and artists with established reputations since 2011. Patti Smith, M, Gaëtan Roussel, Divine Comedy, Chilly Gonzales, Dominique A, Big Flo et Oli, Dyonisos, Juliette Armanet, Arthur H...: all have already come to express their talents in this space dedicated to contemporary music. While the main auditorium can hold up to 1,200 people standing, it's in the club downstairs, with its two bars and a stage offering a breathtaking view of the harbour and the frescoes glorifying music over the decades, that the evenings begin. The people of La Rochelle and those who have already tried the place know it well, often arriving early so as not to miss out on the pleasure of being together and enjoying this warm 'village' atmosphere.

This moment of sharing is extended when the host, David Fourrier, calls the curtain so that you don't miss... the start of the evening's concert. Make way for the artists and the music! Later, when the lights come back on, the emotion is prolonged over a nightcap, a chance to reminisce about these moments of pleasure shared in unison. Occasionally, those who were on stage will join the audience for an autograph session. In all simplicity and for the pleasure of all.


La Sirène's programme can be found at www.la-sirene.fr


If you would like to be one of the lucky ones to attend the concerts by Adé on Friday 15 December and Jeanne Added on Saturday 16 December, take advantage of the partnership that has existed for several years between the cultural venue and our hotel group. Our hotels often provide accommodation for the artists performing at La Sirène, offering you a 20% discount on your room rate, and La Sirène is offering you a promotional rate on concert tickets. It's a great opportunity to plan a 100% La Rochelle weekend in the run-up to Christmas.

To obtain this discount for the Adé concert on Friday 15 December:

>Indicate promo code: COSYADE

Book your accommodation with the Hotel directly
Book your concert ticket


To obtain this discount for the Jeanne Added concert on Saturday 16 December:

>Indicate promo code: COSYADDED

Book your accommodation with the Hotel directly
Book your concert ticket
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