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A romantic break in the heart of La Rochelle

Come and experience La Rochelle as a couple. Enjoy the soft winter light. Take the indolent pace that suits the place and set off on foot or by bike through the historic districts of La Rochelle. Stop off at the covered market and enjoy the seafood. The Atlantic is calling! From the Plage de la Concurrence to the Plage de Chef de Baie, the seaside offers you an iodised walk with a beautiful horizon. Will you be tempted to (re)discover the islands of Aix, Ré or Oléron ? Back on land. The Saint-Nicolas district. Here, in the heart of this old fishermen's quarter, dinner will take on a sentimental dimension. Saint-Valentin. The festival of lovers. Eye to eye. Later, the comfort of your room will remind you that this evening is yours. And that tomorrow could be another day of celebration. If you both want it to be.

A romantic break in the heart of La Rochelle
Let's protect our beautiful ocean together
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Experience mobility with Yélo Mobile, Océan Pass and Océan Van
Come and listen to the songs of La Sirène
Festivities everywhere and for everyone
The "new" Museum awaits you
The pleasures of the table on your holiday menu
La Rochelle, a cycling city where life is good
La Rochelle's museums, part of the history of our maritime city
Our commitment alongside other defenders of the planet
With family at the seaside
Breakfasts to enjoy and take away
Eco-responsibility as a priority