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The Cosy Hotels universe

Shining in the beating heart of La Rochelle

With two, three and four stars, the Cosy Hotels shine brightly in the very centre of a city that also shines brightly – La Rochelle. Rounding off our group, the Maison Saint-Nicolas, with spaces for seminars and events, adds an extra dash of brilliance. 

The “Cosy Hotels” brand was born out of this desire to embellish the days and nights that you will spend in our universe, one that will make you want to come back.

Several stars, the same character. There's no charter as such, rather rules that we impose on ourselves in order to meet your full satisfaction. One of them is to offer you the best and to provide you with an environment that’s always that extra bit cosy. Whether at the Masqhotel, Saint-Nicolas or B&B, proximity and comfort have always been part of our DNA.

Our values

The well-being of our teams, the satisfaction of our guests, our CSR policy

The well-being of our teams
We are working on our CSR policy so that our teams can flourish. We are mindful of training, the welcome we give our clients, health and safety rules, and good language skills. We welcome interns and qualification contracts, with some going on to enrich our teams upon finishing their studies. We also favour internal mobility – one of our night-time receptionists became hotel manager in a couple of years. In short, we do all we can to ensure our team is happy so that they serve our guests with a smile.

Continuously improving our service
Every year, we schedule different investments to enhance our guest rooms, improve the decor of our public spaces, and make our hotels ever cosier. We also invest in improving comfort – bedding, practical and elegant furniture, quieter air conditioning, reviewing sound and lighting, and installing the latest generation digital and video equipment.

Our guests’ satisfaction
Even before guest reviews were published on the Internet, we have always been greatly interested in our guests’ satisfaction and in following through with their recommendations. Our hotels are acclaimed by our many loyal customers, praising us in particular for our hotels’ cleanliness, the quality of our welcome, our breakfast (the Best Western Plus Masqhotel having been deemed to have the Best Breakfast in the Aquitaine region), and the comfort of our facilities. Take a look at our guest reviews – we’re very pleased with them!

Sustainable Tourism
Regarding our CSR policy, the Cosy Hotels are located in a globally preserved region between the Marais Poitevin, the Île de Ré, and the Baie de l’Aiguillon. We benefit from the lure of the ocean. We wish to respect and contribute to the protection of our environment.

Under the stars lies the earth

Through a series of actions contributing to the protection of the environment, our hotels have been engaged with sustainable development for quite a while.
Our purchasing policy helps to limit our environmental impact, with Ecolabel-certified cleaning products, the integration of thermal insulation programmes, an air conditioning control system to reduce energy consumption and selecting producers with short supply chains. We have established partnerships with local and national organisations, resulting in beehives being placed on the roof of our hotels (Les Ailes pour la Vie), as well as financial participation in a sea protection programme (Echo-Mer).
Finally, by giving our employees an economic incentive to use bicycles or public transport for their business trips, we wish to rally all of us around a single guiding principle – let's protect our planet.

Family spirit, independent character, just like home

In 1981, Mr Dufour, first prize architect of the 1962 Grand Prix de Rome, created Cosy Hotels and has since inspired the character of his hotels, places where a warm and professional welcome and the art of hospitality provide the very best and ultimate comfort in La Rochelle.

Supported by nationally and internationally renowned networks, and confirming our professionalism, the hotels in the Cosy Hotels line remain independent. Being independent, our main motivation is to make you feel at home.