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Festivities everywhere and for everyone

Scheduled to run throughout December, the end-of-year festivities are set to be another great opportunity for sharing, conviviality and eco-responsibility in La Rochelle. Residents and visitors alike are expected to take to the streets, squares and Old Port to celebrate the end of 2023 and get 2024 off to a great start with the ball on 1 January.


In Place de Verdun, renamed Place des Fêtes for the occasion, children and adults alike will be enjoying seasonal delicacies, discovering or rediscovering the joys of wooden games, laughing at the children's shows and dancing to the lively rhythms. In the neighbourhoods, where mini Christmas villages will have sprung up as if by magic, around the Old Port, where markets and events will be the centrepiece of the festivities, and in the streets and squares, where shops and 100% LED illuminations will be providing the atmosphere, "indulging yourself" will be the watchword.


On Monday 1 January, at the foot of the Saint-Nicolas Tower and overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the New Year's Eve Ball will get everyone singing and dancing to celebrate the new year and extend the festivities that began the day before with New Year's Eve. With garlands of lights in front of the stage and the old sailing ships of the Yacht Club Classique illuminated as a backdrop, the décor promises to be enchanting and this year should once again bring together thousands of people to the sound of music distilled by professionals chosen for their keen sense of festivity. Come and join in the fun during your stay at our hotel.


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