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The 5 best activities for a team building in La Rochelle

With its exceptional architectural heritage, the ocean that borders it and a unique atmosphere, La Rochelle is an essential destination for a team building activity. After a meeting or a presentation in one of the rooms offered by Cozy Hotels, bring your employees together again for a team building activity.

By strengthening the links between your teams, you optimize communication and therefore your performance. Create a real corporate culture, a sense of belonging, through a team building activity in accordance with the values ​​of your company. A team building can be organized indoors or outdoors, over a few hours or a whole day. Take advantage of the many possibilities offered by La Rochelle to organize a team building event perfectly suited to your needs. Federate your employees and improve the cohesion of your teams with a team building activity in La Rochelle. Here are our suggestions for activities for an unforgettable team building:

An immersion workshop team building in La Rochelle

Take your teams out of their comfort zone, share a moment outside the daily rhythm by organizing a workshop-type team building activity in La Rochelle. In small groups, embark on an activity for a few hours such as a cooking or oenology class. This type of team building activity allows you to create links and memories with your teams, to develop concentration and mutual support.

An Escape Game team building activity in La Rochelle

Escape Games have quickly become essential for their practical format and all the positive they bring to the company. In an escape game, your employees have a common goal that brings them together. By learning to communicate in a team and to listen to each other, they bring out their personal skills. It is also an opportunity to break the ice for newcomers. Several companies in La Rochelle offer this team building activity, it's up to you to choose the theme that best suits your teams. To keep your employees motivated, do not hesitate to offer a trophy, gift cards or a restaurant meal to the winning team!

Team Building at sea in La Rochelle

Take advantage of the unique setting of La Rochelle to offer a truly different activity to your employees. Embark on a sea excursion to discover the island of Ré, the island of Aix or the island of Oléron. You could even approach the famous Fort Boyard! Commented cruise, trip by sailboat or catamaran at sunset: there is something for all tastes and all budgets. This team building activity in La Rochelle promises to be highly appreciated by your employees, who will share strong moments.

Even more activities in La Rochelle

Beyond our suggestions, there is a whole range of activities for your team buildings in La Rochelle. Outside, there is room for visits to the monuments of La Rochelle but also for giant surveys, 2CV rallies or even nautical rallies. Indoors, the Cozy Hotels meeting rooms adapt to your needs for your activities.